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Mervyn King calls for IMF, G20 merger

Bank of England Governor Mervyn King wants to merge the IMF and G20, in hopes of creating a governing council that would encourage countries with high-savings rates to spend more at home. Christopher Werth reports.
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Brits bitter over Cadbury takeover

For the British, Cadbury is almost as strong a part of the culture as Shakespeare, so a takeover by an American company hits hard. Christopher Werth gauges reactions from the general British public.
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Cadbury still not interested in Kraft bid

Despite selling its U.S. frozen pizza business to Nestle in a $3.7 billion deal, the extra cash still hasn't helped Kraft win over Cadbury. But some say the tide may be turning in Kraft's favor. Christopher Werth reports.
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BA strike may strand holiday travelers

Cabin crews at British Airways have voted to launch a 12-day strike. If your travel plans include London this holiday season, things could get interesting. Christopher Werth reports.
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Logbooks give clues on climate change

Projecting what the climate will be like several decades from now is no easy task. So British scientists are looking to the past for help. Christopher Werth reports.

Why the E.U. chose its president

The E.U. has chosen Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy for the new position of E.U. president. But why didn't the title go to a more well-known candidate? Christopher Werth reports.

What Volvo would gain from Geely deal

Swedish labor leaders are pressing Chinese car maker Geely to say where it's getting the financing for its bid to buy Volvo from Ford. Christopher Werth examines what Volvo might feel it stands to lose and what it could gain from the deal.
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Hershey, Ferrero eyeing Cadbury

Hershey and Italian sweet producer Ferrero are in talks with banks to beat Kraft to a deal for British chocolate maker Cadbury. Christopher Werth explores why this partnership may make a lot more sense.
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Is bad economy good for corruption?

The advocacy group Transparency International released its annual Corruption Perceptions Index, which gauges corruption in 180 countries. Most countries fell within the bottom half of the index, as Christopher Werth reports.
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Cadbury's 'cool' factor good for sales

Cadbury has partly been turning down Kraft's huge bids on the idea that it's too cool for such a big conglomerate. Christopher Werth explores Cadbury's lighter side through an engaging chain of TV ads that have been wildly popular -- and profitable.
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