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More water for Brits, but at what cost?

Britain opened its first mainland, large-scale water desalination plants to keep up with thirsty Brits all over London, but critics say deeper problems like leaky Dickensian-era pipes are being ignored.
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Estonia, Iceland wooed by E.U. despite economic troubles

European leaders meeting in Brussels have made encouraging moves toward Estonia and Iceland, despite both countries' substantial financial problems.

Italians fear they may be next to fall

Back when the euro was just getting going, nobody was very worried about Spain or Greece. Italy was the weak link in the common currency. Now, ten years later, Italy could still turn out to be the eurozone's biggest liability. Christopher Werth reports.

Will S. Africa World Cup benefit locals?

Six years and $4 billion after South Africa won the right to host this year's World Cup, the first match will soon kick off. Locals are hoping that all the investment in new airports and stadiums will pay off. But Christopher Werth reports not all the expectations for the World Cup's big payoff are going to be realized.
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Seniors take fitness to the playground

The gym can be an overwhelming place for the 65+ set, and more senior citizens are making it a point to keep in shape. Older Londoners have found another way to stay fit: a senior playground. Christopher Werth reports.
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ECB to buy sovereign debt in E.U. bailout

Beyond the near $1 trillion number, the E.U.-approved bailout of Europe will include the European Central Bank buying up sovereign debt. Christopher Werth reports.

U.K. sees return of the campaign poster

British voters hit the polls next week, and politicians are duking it out in the U.K.'s first election to use Facebook and Twitter. They're also finding the traditional campaign poster to be very effective. Christopher Werth reports.

Germany, France react to bank taxes

German officials want to impose a bank tax to raise $1.5 billion to help bailout banks in coming years, and the U.S. is also considering a bank tax of its own. France, more specifically, wishes to go after hedge funds. Christopher Werth reports.
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Why are U.K. elections so cheap?

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on campaign financing will most certainly change the amount of money spent in upcoming elections. But in the U.K., there's a different attitude towards political advertising. Christopher Werth reports.

OPEC divided on boosting oil production

The oil cartel OPEC will decide how much oil its members can pump over the next six months. But despite some push and pull between oil-rich countries, few expect more crude to be produced anytime soon. Christopher Werth reports.
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