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Calculating the cost of catastrophes

Swiss Re, and insurer, has issued a report, saying that the cost of this year's global catastrophes is $220 billion. Christopher Werth has more.
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Punishing private investors may delay economy recovery

Investors may not longer be protected when the economy goes south. But punishing them may force Ireland to make greater austerity cuts. Marketplace's Christopher Werth has more.
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Irish citizens "don't want to shoulder the burden for private investors"

Late yesterday European leaders announced a bailout for Ireland worth more than $112 billion. The hope is that the injection of cash will stabilize Ireland's banks and calm markets around the world. Christopher Werth explains.

London residents face deep budget cuts that could affect housing

Over in London, the new era of austerity is already taking hold. The British government is making deep cuts to the budget, including a big reduction to what the country forks out on social housing. Christopher Werth has more.
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Searching for rare earth minerals in 'urban mines'

Perhaps in the not-so-near future, companies collecting tech gadgets -- phones, laptops, hybrid car batteries -- may be big business. With China's ownership of the rare earths commodity, companies are looking for new ways to mine for the rare earth -- starting with your junk drawer.
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U.K. gets big on cheese

Soon cheese-makers across the United Kingdom face off for the title of supreme champion at the Great British Cheese Festival. The British Cheese industry has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years, and artisans from all over the country are turning up the heat on their European neighbors. Christopher Werth reports.
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U.K.'s countryside losing its green

The U.K.'s budget cuts could threaten the upkeep of the countryside's picturesque hedgerows.
Posted In: Agriculture

Maritime security industry booms

With Somali pirate attacks on the rise, more shipping companies are opting to get piracy insurance and hire maritime security firms to deal with hostage situations.

Brits drink less due to downturn

A new study shows that the global downturn has curbed Britain's appetite for alcohol. Christopher Werth reports.

Curbing exec pay hits a roadblock

Last year's tax on British bankers' bonuses failed. At a financial conference, the U.K.'s former finance minister, Alistair Darling, said the bonus tax didn't curb excessive pay in the industry. Christopher Werth reports.


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