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Steel as an economic indicator

High prices of iron ore and other raw materials have hurt the steel industry. But the world's largest steel maker is predicting a strong 2011. As Christopher Werth explains, growth in the steel industry could mean growth in the global economy.
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U.K.: Wealthy immigrants wanted

British Prime Minister David Cameron's new immigration rules could cap the number of people from outside Europe who can settle in the country, but the Financial Times newspaper reports the rules could also create a fast track for wealthy immigrants to move to the U.K. Christopher Werth has more.
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Finally -- an end to the 'banana wars'

The European Parliament voted to make it easier for American banana growers to sell the fruit to Europe, ending two decades of colonial favoritism. Now it will be easier for American banana farmers to sell their produce to the world's largest banana market. Christopher Werth explains.
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The euro zone bailout hits a new roadblock -- Germany

Finance ministers from the euro zone group of countries are meeting today in Brussels to solve the European debt crisis. Christopher Werth explains.

The effects of changing currencies

Estonia converted from its beloved Kroon to the Euro on Jan. 1, and the switch has become confusing and emotional for some. Christopher Werth reports on the difficulties behind changing currencies.

Estonia to join the euro zone

When the clock strikes midnight in Estonia, the country will become the 17th government to join the euro zone -- leaving their old currency, kroons, for the euro. But is this the right time to make the switch? Christopher Werth explains.

Estonia weighs pros and cons of joining the eurozone

The value euro has been slipping over the last few years, and yet the Baltic state of Estonia still wants to join the eurozone. Marketplace's Christopher Werth reports from the Estonian capital, Tallinn.

Dover-native hopes to buy historic port

A man in Dover, England looks to purchase the city's historic port. He'll have to raise $600 million to protect the port from overseas investors. Christopher Werth has more.

What should be done with nuclear waste?

Globally, the nuclear energy industry is expected to quadruple capacity over the next 20 years. Britain is considering building several new nuclear reactors. But that raises an important question: what to do with nuclear waste?
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Qantas threatens to sue Rolls Royce over faulty engines

Over the past month, Qantas and other operators of the super jumbo jet have experienced difficulties with their Rolls Royce engines. Now, Qantas moves towards legal action. Christopher Werth reports.
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