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Small French town attracts apocalypse-watchers

New age belief groups are flocking to Bugarach, France, convinced the small town will be an important site if the apocalypse arrives in 2012. The town, on the other hand, isn't welcoming the attention.

Commodity prices plummet as U.S. economic growth slows

Commodity prices have fallen sharply after disappointing economic news on jobs and growth in the U.S. Without consumer demand, the commodity prices would continue to fall.
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Oil prices fall to $109 a barrel

Crude oil futures have slipped to $109 a barrel after government reports point to a slowdown in the economic recovery.
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Abu Dhabi, Singapore commit to Glencore IPO

The world's largest commodities trader predicts it will raise more than $50 billion with the help of big government investors when it goes public later this month.
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Britain's economy grows modestly in first quarter

The United Kingdom's gross domestic product rose 0.5 percent from the last quarter of 2010. The small growth is bad news for the U.K., a country still trying to climb out of recession.

Royal wedding's expense questioned by British taxpayers

For groups that want to end the reign of British monarchs, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton provides a big, expensive target for criticism.

Finland could hold up Portuguese bailout

The debt crisis continues to plague Europe as Greece threatens to default on its $150 billion loan. And voters in Finland are sending an anti-bailout message that could sink future bailouts of Eurozone countries.

Glencore announces IPO

The Swiss-based commodities trader Glencore has announced its intentions to go public. The main offer could raise as much as $11 billion, but would force the secretive company to open its books.
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Cuts on farm subsidies could be major for European agriculture

European farmers rely greatly on government subsidies, but some EU countries are looking to get that help decreased.
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Libyan war could protect bluefin tuna in Mediterranean

French fishermen have been catching bluefin tuna off the coast of Libya for years. But the fighting will keep Libyan boats in France's harbors this season.


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