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Switzerland to peg the value of its franc to the euro

The value of the Swiss franc has been soaring in recent months, as investors saw it as a safer bet than the euro. But that isn't necessarily a good thing for Switzerland.

Companies use 'eye-tracking' to see what sells

Originally developed for British fighter pilots, a system called 'eye-tracking' allows companies and brands to see what consumers by, and why.
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Regions' spending taking a toll on Spanish government

During the boom, Spain's regions, much like states in the U.S., went on a spending spree, building "ghost" trains and airports. But unlike the U.S., the central government is on the hook for all of it.

Ireland's crash course in finance and economics

Over the last few years, the Irish economy has mirrored the crises of the U.S. economy. Like Americans, Irish citizens are learning facts about money the hard way.

Endgame in Libya could help immigrant workers

Since the conflict began, waves of immigrant workers have been fleeing Libya. But some remained, and hope to hold onto their jobs in the nation's oil industry.

German growth slows as Europe's debt woes linger

Germany is key in helping Europe's weaker economies handle their debt crisis, but its slowing economy may mean it can't keep coming to the rescue

'Eurobonds' could help debt crisis

Bonds backed by the entire Eurozone would ease borrowing rates for countries like Greece and Portugal, but would hike rates for Germany and France
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The differing fortunes of Saab and Volvo

Two years after GM sold Saab and Ford sold off Volvo, there has been a striking difference in how the Swedish brands have fared.
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Italy back on the hot seat in European debt crisis

One day after the U.S. averted a possible default, political problems are scaring global investors away from Spain, Italy -- and the U.S.

EU leaders focus on troubled Italy

EU policymakers met today in Rome to discuss the European debt crisis. Italy is in the spotlight and may be the next Eurozone member to default.


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