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European leaders push back debt solution deadline

Leaders in the eurozone promised they would reach a solution to their economic issues by this Sunday. Now, they say their grand plan won't be ready for a few more days.

Prize offered for best plan to break up the eurozone

A British executive has put up the money for an economics prize to be given to whoever can figure out the best way to break up the eurozone with minimal complications.

G20 finance ministers plan for swift action in European debt crisis

Finance ministers from the G20 and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner met in Paris over the weekend, crafting a plan to solve the problems in Europe in as soon as one week.

Occupy Wall Street spreads to London

As Occupy Wall Street in New York scores a victory this morning, plans are in the works for similar protests in London.

Global BlackBerry users experience service disruptions

A disruption to the Research in Motion hub in London has had BlackBerry users in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East without service.

Boeing and Airbus share same suppliers, same headaches

The competing aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus rely on a lot of the same companies to get them everything from wings to warning lights. With a record number of orders for new airplanes, that could be a problem.
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Barcelona tussles over bullfighting ban

Catalonia recently voted to ban bullfighting; it's the first Spanish region to do so. Some agree the practice is outdated, others argue about the loss of jobs.

Ireland plans bankruptcy reform

Ireland is still rolling in tough economic times. Many citizens may want an exit from their crippling debts, but the country's brutal bankruptcy laws prevent them from filing.

British insurance market posts huge losses in disaster-filled year

It has been a big year for natural disasters, from the tsunami in Japan to floods in Australia. And that means a year of big losses for insurance companies.
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U.K. jobs market is dire, but still slightly better than U.S.

Workers across Britain are struggling to find work in any number of industries. Unemployment has made its biggest jump since 2009, and experts say the new austerity plan could make things worse.


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