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Global currency traders may be fixing the '4 p.m. Fix'

Currency traders are suspected of using a little known number called the "4 p.m. Fix" to manipulate one of the world's largest markets.
Posted In: 4 p.m. fix, LIBOR, libor scandal, Financial scandals

Down and out, the Irish turn to tech

It’s thought Ireland is home to around 500 tech startups.
Posted In: Ireland, Tech, start-ups, startups

Ireland five years after Lehman

Five years after Lehman went bust, Ireland is still grappling with the effects of the global crisis.
Posted In: Ireland, Lehman, financial crisis

Job Wanted: French Turn Resumes into Street Art

A group of unemployed workers in France developed a new tactic to put themselves in front of potential employers.
Posted In: France, resume, street art, art, Unemployment

France shrugs as the government promises jobs

France is emerging from recession, but struggling to reduce unemployment.
Posted In: France, Unemployment

French workers strike for the right to work on Sundays

As France is weighed down with economic trouble, a new group of employees from two large hardware store chains is demanding to work more.
Posted In: France, strike, labor

It's all in a cycling team name

To attract the interest of more casual viewers, the business of cycling may have to change -- specifically the way cycling teams are named and are able to engage with fans.
Posted In: tour de france, cycling, Sports, sponsorship

On Bastille Day, what's to celebrate?

The French Revolution -- and much of the France we know today -- was born at a time of economic crisis and famine.
Posted In: France, Europe, Europe debt crisis, Unemployment

How the Tour de France might keep us watching

Will the Tour lose viewers after seven-time winner Lance Armstrong admitted to widespread doping last year?
Posted In: France, tour de france, lance armstrong, Sports

New planes not just high tech, they'll be more crowded

New planes are not just high tech, they'll be more crowded.
Posted In: Boeing, Airbus, Airlines, airplanes, Tech


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