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China raises bank reserve requirements

China's central bank raised the amount of money banks must hold in reserve for the fourth time this year to help control inflation.
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Japan escalates evacuation efforts after explosions at nuclear plant

The Japanese government has expanded the evacuation zone surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after several explosions. The fires, triggered by the earthquake, have caused a surge in potentially toxic radiation.
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Japanese quake costs may top $170 billion

The BBC's Chris Hogg explains the global economic implications of the disaster in Japan.
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Groupon launches China service

The daily deal site Groupon has been interested in expanding into China for months. And finally, Groupon has opened its Chinese affiliate, The site will initially cover Beijing and Shanghai but the company hopes to grow to cover more of China's 160 cities.
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China's economy expands 10.3 percent in 2010

China announced a 10.3 percent growth in their economy of 2010 -- that's three times faster than the U.S.
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China achieves new levels of lending

A Financial Times report says the Chinese lend more to developing countries than the World Bank -- an agency with a mission to lend to developing countries.
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China's economy grows, but citizen happiness does not

Further proof that money doesn't necessarily buy you happiness. In China, the population is getting richer every year. But also increasingly dissatisfied.

Chinese inflation reaches 5.1 percent in November

Inflation numbers for China reached a 28-month high in November. Food prices and the cost of home utilities are at risk.

China experiences record inflation

In China prices on consumer goods are rising so fast that even McDonald's says it's going to charge more for its food there. How will this affect toy and clothing cost for the holidays?

Chinese media reports SAIC Motor has agreed to invest in GM

General Motors will reportedly go through with its initial public offering on Thursday. In China, state media reports the car maker SAIC Motor -- a Chinese company -- has agreed to buy a big stake in the American automaker.


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