Chris Farrell is economics editor of Marketplace Money, a nationally syndicated one-hour weekly personal finance show produced by American Public Media. Chris is also economics correspondent for Marketplace, the largest business program in broadcasting and chief economics correspondent for American RadioWorks, the largest producer of long-form documentaries in public radio. He is also contributing economics editor at Business Week magazine. He was host and executive editor of public television’s Right on the Money. He is the author of two books: Right on the Money: Taking Control of Your Personal Finances, and Deflation: What Happens When Prices Fall. Chris is a graduate of Stanford and the London School of Economics.


Features by Chris Farrell

Three steps to boost investor confidence

Banks are still huge, financial scandals still break -- even after the recession revealed flaws in the financial system. A commentator gives his short-and-sweet solution.
Posted In: Financial scandals, LIBOR, investor confidence, Banks, reform, Glass-Steagall, Paul Volcker

Housing market has hit bottom, but will remain flat

Don't believe those real estate agents when they say the housing market's hit bottom and is going to rebound. The market is going to be flat for a long time to come.
Posted In: Housing

Why it might be time to break up big banks

As banks face scrutiny over questionable practices, Chris Farrell explains why breaking up some of our biggest banks would solve a lot of problems.
Posted In: Banks

'Stay-tirement' instead of retirement

Rethinking our expectations for the "Golden Years."
Posted In: Retirement

Should you run from risk?

Even in times of financial insecurity, Americans shouldn't avoid risk altogether.
Posted In: risk tolerance, Chris Farrell, Commentary, personal finances

American economic independence through the years

As you recover from yesterday's beach trips and barbeques, we take a look back at economic independence throughout American history with Marketplace economics correspondent Chris Farrell.
Posted In: financial independence, Fourth of July

Emergency fund in retirement

Your most recent program discussed the amount and kind of emergency funds needed for people working. My question is what those of us who are retired should consider for emergency funds. William, Schenectady, NY
Posted In: emergency savings, Savings, Retirement, retirement spending

Romney's role in pioneering the outsourcing of jobs

The presidential campaign has returned to the issue of private equity and the outsourcing of jobs. President Obama has latched onto a Washington Post report that says private equity firm Bain Capital, which Mitt Romney used to run, helped pioneer the outsourcing of jobs.
Posted In: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, outsourcing

Health care and consumer spending

A big chunk of "consumer spending" is really money we spend on health care.
Posted In: healthcare, healthcare spending, consumer finances

Making progress on household debt

The good news: Households are reducing debts. The bad news: There remains a considerable way to go.
Posted In: Mortgages, household debt, Economy, income, loans


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