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Does income inequality stifle creativity?

Musician David Byrne argues that wealth inequality in New York is favoring the rich over the creative.
Posted In: income inequality, wealth gap, New York City, art, creativity

Facebook takes 'home office' to a new level

Living where you work, working where you live.
Posted In: Facebook, rent, housing market, San Francisco

Walter White's cash: From high school teacher to meth kingpin

Walter White began making and dealing meth in "Breaking Bad" in order to support his family. A look at how much he was making in comparison to the rest of the country as a high school chemistry teacher and as Heisenberg.
Posted In: Breaking Bad

A Burlington, Vt. quiz! Hint: the coat factory isn't from here

American Futures flies into Burlington, Vt., this week. How much do you know about this American town?
Posted In: Burlington, Vermont

The Madden Curse lives on: Video game turns 25

The popular football video game turns a quarter-century old; but is the Madden Curse still intact?
Posted In: football, NFL, madden

Our gold box of Amazon's best reviews

A compilation of the funniest customer reviews for Amazon products.
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The business of Oprah's couch

Oprah Winfrey may not have her network daytime TV show anymore, but she's still boosting her cable network with her big interviews.
Posted In: Oprah Winfrey, OWN, television

Facebook is making you sad, plus it has an app you can't use

If Facebook isn't already making you feel depressed, don't pay attention to this story about its new VIP app.
Posted In: Facebook

Everything you need to know about the American-US Airways merger

The U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit seeking to block the merger of the two major airlines. Here's what you need to read to catch up on the news.
Posted In: American Airlines, US Airways, mergers
An avid attendee at the July 2013  Hong Kong Book Fair.

New law in China gives new meaning to 'required reading'

New research shows Chinese people are reading books at a low rate -- less than half as many as Americans. Policy makers there are reportedly considering new legislation to change that.
Posted In: China, Books, reading


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