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Faith and money: Why it's worth talking about

Want to get folks talking about money? Throw in some religion.

Simple: Is the future of banking your smartphone?

As more and more consumers lodge complaints against big banks for their higher fees and lower customer service, some startups are looking to sidestep all that legacy banking.
Posted In: mobile, banking

Carmen's lightning round! Personal finance advice for all

Here at Marketplace Money we get way more questions than we could ever hope to answer.
Posted In: advice, Personal Finance, home buying, real estate

Extra, extra, read all about it! Money headlines

A look at what the future of banking will look like, plus personal finance stories from around the country.
Posted In: money headlines, Personal Finance

To IPO or Not IPO: Twitter's debut

Twitter's unveils on the stock market. Should you make the plunge?
Posted In: listener questions, Twitter, Investing

Mattel says 'Toy Feliz' this holiday season

Could Mattel's new Spanish-language toy campaign spur big sales this holiday season?
Posted In: Mattel, Barbie, Hot Wheels, latino

Want to retire early? Answer these questions first

Marketplace Money listener Amanda wants to retire at the age of 30. What should she know before she makes the leap?
Posted In: listener questions, Retirement

Shopping while black, and paying a 'respectability tax'

Two recent high profile cases of black men being detained and searched after shopping at luxury clothing stores shines a light on a common experience for people of color.
Posted In: profiling, Personal Finance

How we live money

Insight into why we do what we do with our money.
Posted In: how we live money, psychology of money, behavioral economics

Money secrets: Should you keep a secret bank account?

What should we talk about when we talk about hiding money in a relationship.
Posted In: Personal Finance, secrets, relationships


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