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Leaving Syria's war zone to start a new life

Many Syrians are making new lives in Germany. The excitement and the reality of starting anew.
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Sign spinners turn heads and profits

In the past, sign spinners, or “human directionals” in marketing jargon, often pointed their signs toward used car lots or new housing developments. But as the cost of renting a billboard has doubled, sign spinning is attracting more interest from businesses big and small.
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It's lunch time... let's DANCE!

Lunch is a necessary part of any workday. But often people return to work feeling sleepier than when they left. Well, there's a new way to beat that post-lunch laziness in Berlin -- hit the dance floor!
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New technology helps Swedish care for elderly

Sweden has taken giant steps when it comes to heath care. With one of the oldest populations and highest life expectancies in the world, the Scandinavian nation is using new medical technology to care for its aging citizens.
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Germans and their frugal, saving ways

Many European economies are begging for Germany to share its wealth with them. Where did the German culture of frugality come from?
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In Germany, holidays are 'uber alles'

German's seem to be the responsible, hard working sibling in the European Union, but they know when to relax.
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Germans consider life without the euro

As economic instability in the eurozone continues, some Germans are starting to weigh the benefits and burdens of staying with the euro. Would life be dandier with the Deutschmark?
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Living without money

Heidemarie Schwermer is taking thriftiness to an entirely new level.
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Is automated publishing the future?

Real books and bookstores are becoming a thing of the past. Does new technology mean authors are next to go?
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Car sharing takes off in Germany

German automakers are finding the car isn't the status symbol it used to be, so they're starting car share programs aimed at enticing young drivers.
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