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New non-alcoholic downers to get you off the caffeine buzz

Marketplace's Caitlan Caroll and a few members of the staff tried to take the edge off with "downer drinks," non-alcoholic beverages that help you relax and unwind.
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Handheld game makes measuring blood sugar fun

It can be tough to remind a young diabetic to check their blood sugar 12 times a day, so drug maker Bayer has developed a new game to make the measurement less of a drag.
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Questions and answers about end-of-life care

Today and yesterday on Marketplace, we ran a set of stories about end of life care. Yesterday, we looked at the economics of dying. Why is it so...
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Better training for better end-of-life care

Medical training covers very little on how to confront dying and death with their patients and their families. Marketplace's Caitlan Carroll visits the San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine, where they are training physicians on how to tailor care around patients' last wishes.
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End of life care: More or less of it?

End-of-life care is often the most expensive health care. Many people, when given the option, choose to opt out of experimental therapies and drugs as they approach death, but the current health care system structure incentivizes more care instead of less. So patients' wishes often get left out of the equation.
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Pyrotechnician lights up the night sky

Caitlan Carroll catches up with a man responsible for making sure all the rockets glare red to the tempo of a symphony orchestra.
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LA cruise takes wild ride on commerce side

Some cruises will have you sunning on exotic beaches and sipping mai tais with strangers. This one ferries you around cargo boats and power plants -- and still manages to stay afloat.
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Cooperation helps MBA grads find jobs

Graduation season's here, and life after the diploma doesn't look as daunting as last year for new grads. Things may be looking up as some MBA students figure out how to land a job in a tough economy. Caitlan Carroll reports.
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L.A. tour shows a slice of gang life

Tourism is big business in Los Angeles. But what most people don't do is walk through L.A.'s grittier neighborhoods. One man's gang tour may change that. Caitlan Carroll reports.

Warehouse town locals fight to breathe

About 50 miles east of Los Angeles, Mira Loma, Calif. has a very active warehouse district and some of the worst air pollution in the country. Residents concerned for their health want to prevent more warehouses from cropping up. Caitlan Carroll reports.


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