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Unemployment increase a statistical fluke?

The unemployment rate went up a tenth of a percent in November. Host Brian Watt talks to Standard & Poor's chief economist David Wyss who says this year's holiday calendar had an interesting effect on the numbers.
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High-tech holiday picks for beginners

Xbox 360, Wii, PSP3 — how do you choose? Is there an iPod alternative? Host Brian Watt asks's Brian Cooley which expensive toys make the best gifts for novices.
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Opening up ICANN

ICANN, the group that oversees the Internet, meets in Brazil this weekend. High on the agenda: making the bidding process for domain control more open and transparent. Brian Watt reports.
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Jobs aboard

Looking for a career that pays pretty well and keeps you moving? The railroad business is looking for you. Brian Watt has details.
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Americans online faster, more often

A report out today says more than half of us are using broadband to surf the Web — and those high-speed Internet connections are changing our relationship with the computer. Brian Watt reports.
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Watching oil prices

Yesterday there were mixed signals from OPEC about possible oil production cutbacks. So which way are prices headed? Brian Watt reports.
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Another Sony battery recall

Sony has lost more power in the battery market. IBM, Lenovo and Toshiba are the latest PC manufacturers to recall batteries for their laptops. Brian Watt reports.
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Bringing back The New Orleans Tribune

Publisher Beverly McKenna of New Orleans' African American newspaper talks about the challenges of coming back after Katrina.

Andre Agassi's legacy

Host Brian Watt and business of sports expert David Carter look at the legacy of Andre Agassi, both as tennis star and marketing icon.
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Paper, plastic or 'ChicoBag'?

As millions prepare for Earth Day observances Saturday, Brian Watt talks to an inventor looking to cure the world's addiction to plastic shopping bags.


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