Bob Moon is Marketplace’s senior business correspondent and occasional fill-in host for Marketplace, Marketplace Morning Report and Marketplace Money. He previously served for five years as New York bureau chief.

Moon has reported from all 50 states and far-reaching international datelines. His career spans nearly four decades. Looking back, he has compared his broad experiences to movie character Forrest Gump’s uncanny knack of popping up at major historical events.

Before joining Marketplace in 2000, Moon spent two decades at The Associated Press, covering stories ranging from failed nuclear arms negotiations between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in Iceland, to global economic summits in Rome, Venice and Tokyo. As White House correspondent for The AP’s broadcast division, Moon witnessed Reagan’s famous “Tear down this wall!” speech. He covered national political campaigns over several decades, including George H. W. Bush’s “Read my lips, no new taxes!” convention speech in 1988, and Bill Clinton’s race to the White House in 1992.

Moon tracked the U.S. space program for over ten years, describing firsthand more than 50 shuttle launches and landings. His assignments have often taken him to the scenes of tragic events, including the Challenger explosion (he described the disastrous launch live and anchored six straight hours of special coverage); several weeks on the Texas prairie covering the FBI’s standoff with the armed Branch Davidian cult; the Columbine High School shooting rampage; the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center; and the mass evacuation of New Orleans residents to Houston after Hurricane Katrina (his  exclusive reporting of a remark by Barbara Bush, who suggested the evacuees were “better off,” sparked a widespread backlash).

Moon grew up in Southern California. He began his career at age 18 as a country music DJ in Cedar City, Utah, where the station owner asked him to cover local news as part of his duties. He went on to head radio news departments in Salt Lake City, and was lead evening anchor at WLEX-TV, the NBC affiliate in Lexington, Ky.


Features by Bob Moon

Quarterly earnings run

This corporate earnings season marks at least the 10th straight quarter of double-digit earnings growth. Bob Moon takes a look at what's behind the trend.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

An Asian equivalent to the euro?

Today China, Japan and South Korea announced a plan to work toward coordination of their monetary policies. But the first hurdle will be overcoming centuries of suspicion and mistrust. Bob Moon reports.
Posted In: Canada, Economy

Are you feeling productive?

Why haven't higher energy costs triggered a rise in inflation? One answer is increased productivity from American workers. The government's latest productivity report comes out today. Bob Moon reports.
Posted In: Economy

The search engine wars

Google is complaining about Microsoft's new Web browser and its default search tool, saying the business strategy is similar to how Microsoft dealt with its Media Player technology — and that ended up in court. Bob Moon reports.
Posted In: Science

GDP's way up, so is everything hunky-dory?

The government says the US gross domestic product for the first quarter grew by almost 5%, doubling the growth from last year at this time. But Bob Moon reports that everyone's got a different read on what the numbers mean.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street, Washington

Bush and the Big Three

President Bush is expected to meet with the heads of the Big Three automakers next month. Bob Moon has a preview of what they're expected to talk about.

Now accepting . . .

Just what we all need: more credit card choices. Bank of America is the biggest issuer of credit and debit cards in this country, and it might be about to deal itself an ace. Bob Moon reports.

Sarb-Ox reforms

Proposals to exempt small companies from strict accounting rules under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are expected to be forwarded to the Securities and Exchange Commission this weekend. But as Bob Moon reports, the SEC may not endorse them.

Gas price forecast

The Energy Department's seasonal outlook predicts an average price of $2.68/gallon for gas this summer -- 25 cents more than last summer's average, and it doesn't account for unexpected supply disruptions such as hurricanes. Will rising pump prices translate to less driving? Bob Moon takes a look.

Skilling's ready and willing

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling is expected back on the witness stand today where he'll continue to protest his innocence. But prosecutors are already incorporating his testimony into their cross-examination. Bob Moon reports.


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