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An overdose of pharmacy students

Just five years ago, universities rushed to open pharmacy schools to fill a projected need. But baby boomer pharmacists are delaying retirement.
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On-demand printing helps sustain the printed page

Technology allows old books to stay "in print" indefinitely.
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Golf retail stores making a comeback

The official start of golf season is in full swing with all the top golfers competing this weekend in The Masters. The retail side of golf was sliced nearly in half by the recession, but some stores are making a return.
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Tennessee city sets its sights on its very own typeface

The city of Chattanooga, Tenn., wants to join a growing list of U.S. cities with its own typeface to be used in everything from stationary to street signs.
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Businesses find opportunities in health reform law

For all the talk by Republicans about the dangers of "Obamacare," there are some who view the law as good for business.
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FedEx to raise prices in the coming year

FedEx will start charging higher rates in part so it can afford to hold on to good employees.
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Troops returning from war face a tough job market

Veterans looking to stay out of the unemployment line try to figure out if their combat experiences can become marketable job skills at home.
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GM deal with UAW brings jobs back to Tennessee

After massive layoffs in '09, the town of Spring Hill had been struggling. But the announcement of new production brings back a sense of hope.
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TV music at bargain prices

Music for TV shows once featured top 40 hits; now indie artists rule. The shift from big names to no-names happened with the rise of the DVD.
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Banks try to make vacant foreclosures look 'lived-in'

Cottage industry outfits foreclosed homes with temporary residents -- to make properties more attractive to potential buyers.
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