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BP makes plugging progress; 75% of oil has dispersed

BP says it is making progress plugging the Gulf oil well, and the government is set to announce today that roughly three-quarters of the oil has already dispersed.
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Amazon, Apple under investigation for e-book pricing

Connecticut's Attorney General announced an investigation into Amazon and Apple's potential anti-competitive pricing of e-books.
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Countrywide will pay $600M on subprime loan lawsuit

A federal judge has approved a $600 million payout for Countrywide to settle with shareholders who were allegedly misled about the company's financial health.
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BP goes in for the kill ...

"Static kill," that is -- pumping in mud & cement. Meanwhile, Congress looks into BP's use of chemical dispersants. And BP is said to be...
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Fed concerned about deflation

A new report from a regional Federal Reserve presidents says the Fed needs to keep an eye on decreasing prices.
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U.S. economic growth slows...

GDP grew significantly less fast in the last three months. Are we sliding back into recession?...
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VIDEO: Sales soar for Shell, sour for Scooby

This week: Profit reports from Speed Stick to Kelloggs, and the cereal facts your parents aren't telling you.

SEC charges billionaire Wyly brothers with 13-year fraud

In a new civil charge, the SEC is accusing two prominent Dallas billionaire brothers of making millions in a 13-year fraud.
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Oil is up and will continue to go up

Economics editor Chris Farrell predicts an increase of up to $100 per barrel of oil -- and explains why that's not good.
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