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Would you buy a car off eBay?

As one of its new initiatives, GM says it will partner with eBay to auction cars online. Bill Radke talks to Laura DiDio with Information Technology Intelligence Corporation about whether people will actually buy cars on eBay.
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Taxpayers shorted on bailout profits

When the government bailed out the banks, they promised taxpayers a share in future profits. But a congressional oversight panel says taxpayers haven't seen significant profit. Bill Radke talks to professor Elizabeth Warren, head of the panel.

How to find a cyber culprit

Bill Radke talks to professor Peter Sommer, cyber terrorism expert at the London School of Economics and Political Science, about how difficult it is to assess who's behind the South Korean Web site attacks.
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Where G8 varies on climate change

Many G8 leaders have signed on for dramatic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, but not everyone is on board. Bill Radke talks to Mark Kenber of The Climate Group, who released a report on steps industrialized nations can take to reach short-term energy goals.

Examining Google as a 'giant killer'

How strong of an impact will Google's new operating system have on Microsoft's business? Bill Radke attends to the issue with Henry Blodget, editor of The Business Insider.
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Destination: Energy-efficient future

The Energy Department will loan billions to help automakers produce energy-efficient cars. Bill Radke talks to Elon Musk, CEO of loan recipient electric car company Tesla Motors, on his view of the future of highway travel.
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Germans still support Angela Merkel

Germany's economy is struggling, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to have a strong lead for re-election. Bill Radke asks Brett Neely in Berlin how Merkel has managed to keep her constituents happy and supportive.

Bernanke claims no pressure in merger

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is answering tough questions in Congress on his role in the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch merger. Bill Radke gets the latest from Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson.
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Former Fed on future Fed

Bill Radke talks to John Mason, former senior economist at the Federal Reserve, and gets his reaction to the Fed's meeting and market's response.
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A caveat for age discrimination cases

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court said a worker has to prove that age was the key factor in an age discrimination case. Bill Radke talks to Paul Secunda, a law professor at Marquette University, about what this means for older workers.
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