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Redbox rents 1 billionth movie

Redbox says it has rented its one billionth DVD. Mitch Lowe, president of the video rental chain, talks with Bill Radke about how he feels seeing Blockbuster go bankrupt and why Netflix has a much bigger library of movies.
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MID-DAY UPDATE: Bernanke: Too big to fail?

...Shut 'em down Is high unemployment here to stay? Retailers show surprisingly solid sales Flash crash: SEC suspects "quote stuffing" and "sub-...
Posted In: Bernanke, community gardens, double rainbow, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, flash crash, Microsoft, mid-day update, mortgage rates, pets, retails at us, Unemployment, urban gardens, veggie theft

MID-DAY UPDATE: Businesses laid off more workers in August

...That's the opposite of expected - what's it mean? Another ratings agency escapes fraud charges For CEOs, it may pay to lay off A big whopper:...
Posted In: Blockbuster, champagne, Greece, layoffs, mid-day update, ratings agencies, smoking, Time Warner, Unemployment, video stores

Marketplace Half-Minute: See you next week!

Marketplace Half-Minute: See You Next Week from Marketplace on Vimeo. I'm filling in for Kai Ryssdal this week on the Marketplace afternoon show...

Don't fear high-frequency trading

Commentator Matt Samelson argues that high-frequency trading shouldn't be vilified as a troublemaker, but seen as a type of trading that maximizes value out of the market and corrects mispricing.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street, high-frequency trading

Video: Potash and cash

Bill gets a little help this week from a listener. And tackles fertilizer, jobless claims, profits, olive oil and the BP spill.

MID-DAY UPDATE: More Americans are tapping their retirement savings ...

Fidelity: Records numbers are raiding their 401(K)s American Airlines hit with record fine Transocean: BP's hiding info about the Gulf spill. BP...
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