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Bernanke wants consumer protection

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke continues his hearing with the Senate Banking Committee. Marketplace's Amy Scott reviews his testimony with Bill Radke, including his suggestion that the Fed's role should expand to include consumer protection.

Opium doesn't need to be high priority

The White House wants to cork the opium trade in Afghanistan by paying farmers not to grow it. Is this realistic? Bill Radke talks to Jacob Townsend with the United Nations office on Drugs and Crime in Kabul.
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Food discounts aren't bringing profits

American restaurant chains are trying to lure customers with food discounts, but it doesn't seem to be working. Analysts say the move is hurting their bottom line. Bill Radke talks to professor Kit Yarrow at Golden Gate University.
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Making cap and trade go small time

Right now, only big companies trade carbon credits to reduce greenhouse gases. But what if it were brought down to an individual level? Bill Radke talks to Tom Reilly, CEO of a company which wants to see small-scale carbon trading happen.

Deutsche Bank accused of spy tactics

A case against Deutsche Bank claims the bank spied on a couple of its most severe critics. The bank allegedly tried to find out information using a microphone hidden in a set of flowers. Bill Radke talks to European correspondent Stephen Beard.
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Georgia number one in bank failures

Out of 57 national bank failures so far this year, the state of Georgia leads the country with 15. What's causing the trend? Bill Radke talks to Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Paul Donsky.
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Why not further empower the Fed?

The White House wants to try to avoid the next financial crisis by giving new powers to the Federal Reserve, but a group of prominent investors and former regulators says that's a bad idea. Bill Radke talks to Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman.

Getting around pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions are a major road block for Americans in the U.S. health care system, even for organ donors. Bill Radke takes up the issue with Los Angeles Times business columnist David Lazarus.
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That yacht is still within reach!

Not getting that big bonus you were expecting? Don't despair -- now there's yacht timeshare. Marketplace's Stephen Beard tells Bill Radke how it works -- though you'll still need about $3 million to start.
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CIT a test case for 'too big to fail?'

The government has already given business lender CIT $2 billion in TARP money, why won't it continue to help shield it from failure? Bill Radke talks to Edward Hadas with the financial commentary Web site BreakingViews.
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