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Disney, Marvel form new league

Disney is paying a healthy $4 billion for Marvel Entertainment. Where will Disney see payback? Bill Radke marvels at the deal with marketing professor Ken Wilbur, who explains why this could indicate a change-up in Disney's strategy.
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Organic food has ordinary benefits

A new scientific study out of the U.K. says organic food has no nutritional or health benefits over ordinary food. Not sparkling news for the organic food industry. Bill Radke talks to Marketplace's Stephen Beard.
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How Bing will take on Google

The Microsoft/Yahoo deal would span 10 years and target Google's online searches and advertising. Bill Radke talks to Ina Fried of CNET, who explains the potential competitive advantages and who will do what in the partnership.
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IPO has superhuman status in Asia

Despite a drop in Hong Kong stocks today, the China State Construction Construction Engineering Group had a very successful trading debut. Bill Radke talks to John Foley from Breaking Views about Asian investors' elevated view of IPOs.
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Not a realistic plan for homeowners

The Obama administration's loan modification program is meant to help homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Bill Radke talks to real estate professor Chris Mayer, who says the expectations for the program aren't realistic.
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Regulators disagree on financial fix

Fed Chair Ben Bernanke, SEC Chair Sheila Bair and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner are testifying before Congress today on how to fix the financial services industry. And they do not agree. Bill Radke talks to Marketplace's Alisa Roth.

Some tech stocks better than others

The Nasdaq gained more than 2 percent today in its 12th straight advance. But not all tech companies are ascending. Bill Radke talks to Laura Didio from Information Technology intelligence Corp about the health of the tech sector.
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Making investors absorb risky moves

President Obama wants to require FDIC-like insurance for risky investments, "far-out transactions." Bill Radke asks professor Hilary Sale at Washington University how this might work.
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What U.S. wants from Southeast Asia

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is wrapping up a week-long trip to Asia, largely spent in the Southeast. Natural resources are just one interest the U.S. has there. Bill Radke talks about the secretary's trip with Marketplace's Scott Tong.

Finding balance in the bank earnings

Morgan Stanley says it lost a billion, while Wells Fargo made billions. Confused yet? Bill Radke goes deeper into bank earnings with banking analyst Karen Shaw Petrou at Federal Financial Analytics.
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