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Revisiting cell phones and cancer

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector held a Senate hearing this week exploring whether cell phones cause cancer. Why has the question resurfaced now? Bill Radke talks to Los Angeles Times business columnist David Lazarus
Posted In: Health, Science

Take the global economy quiz

How much do you know about how people are living outside of U.S. borders? Bill Radke quizzes listeners with the help of Stephen Richter from online magazine

Wall Street one year after Lehman

Not everything has changed on Wall Street since the fall of Lehman Brothers. Marketplace's Amy Scott talks to Bill Radke about how some of the big banks have changed and where it's business as usual after a dramatic economic year.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

Opel deal needs more guarantees

General Motors says the deal to sell its European unit Opel still needs more financing guarantees from the German government, but it's confident those will come through. Bill Radke has the latest.
Posted In: Auto

You, too, can write like David Bowie

At least according to British psychologist Dr. Nick Troop. Troop has devised a formula for Bowie's pop songwriting success and shares it in this video (he warns not to take it too seriously, though).
Posted In: Entertainment

Cadbury not sweet on Kraft takeover

American food giant Kraft has made a $17 billion move on British chocolatier Cadbury -- and Cadbury has turned it down. Bill Radke talks to European correspondent Stephen Beard and Ian King, business editor of the Times of London.
Posted In: Food

G20 takes on bankers' pay

Finance officials from the G20 are meeting in London today to discuss the global economy, with bankers' pay being one particularly biting issue. Bill Radke talks to Andrew Hilton from the Center for the Study of Financial Innovation in London.

Keep your home out of the line of fire

The LA forest fires may be more under control, but they're still a real danger to homeowners. Bill Radke talks to LA Times business columnist David Lazarus about the importance of preparing your home for a natural disaster.
Posted In: Housing

Deal puts Skype value at $2.75B

Online phone program Skype have been valued at $2.75 billion by a private investment group. Bill Radke goes over the eBay deal with Peter Kafka from All Things Digital, who says this looks like a pretty good deal.
Posted In: Internet

Europe dims use of 100-watt bulbs

Today is the last day that stores in Europe can buy or import 100-watt incandescent bulbs. Bill Radke talks to European correspondent Stephen Beard about the impetus for the eco-friendly move.


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