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Hope on display in Copenhagen

The U.N.'s two-week conference on climate change is underway in Copenhagen, and displays and advertisements around the city are getting everyone in the mood. Bill Radke talks to KQED reporter Rob Schmitz, who is at the conference.

169,000 private jobs lost in November

The numbers out from ADP Employer Services aren't promising for the private jobs sector. Bill Radke talks to David Wyss, chief economist at S&P Research.
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Greece dealing with serious debt

European finance ministers are meeting in Brussels to discuss the government debt piling up in Greece. The main culprit: rampant tax evasion. Bill Radke gets more from European Correspondent Stephen Beard.

Marketplace Minute with Bill Radke for 11/20

Watch Marketplace Morning Report host Bill Radke cram all the week's business news into a 60-second poem. This week: Hershey eyes Cadbury, Oprah moves to cable, job cuts at Boeing and Aetna, frozen vegetable mergers . . . and remember AOL?

What's AOL doing now, anyway?

AOL is reducing its workforce by a third and spinning off from Time Warner. Is this a sign of the end? Bill Radke talks to Business Week media reporter Tom Lowry, who explains how AOL plans to carry on.
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Goldman wants to help small business

Goldman Sachs has announced a half-billion dollar initiative to help small businesses in the U.S. Is this a PR move to compensate for mistakes the company said it made during the credit crisis? Bill Radke talks to Alisa Roth.
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Keeping inflation worries in check?

Producer prices rose more slowly than expected last month, despite a rebound in food and energy costs. Bill Radke talks to Chris Low with FTN Financial and Steve Chiotakis talks to Diane Swonk with Mesirow Financial.
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Congress eyes big overdraft fees

Some of America's biggest banks have announced changes to their overdraft policies, but that's not stopping Congress from considering a crackdown. Bill Radke talks to L.A. Times business columnist David Lazarus.

'Via' coffee not an economic reaction

Yesterday, Starbucks launched an instant coffee product called Via and tapped into a $20 billion global market. But the move wasn't a response to the economic downturn. Bill Radke talks to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.
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Don't tamper with my conker

A scandal in the British game of Conkers has disrupted the World Conker Championships, a charitable tournament. See the video here and find out what some will do to achieve conk-quest.


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