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Pay czar going after more companies

Pay czar Kenneth Feinberg is sending letters to more than 400 firms that got government rescues, widening the field of companies under his scrutiny. Bill Radke talks to Marketplace's Brett Neely about what the pay czar can do.
Posted In: Wall Street

Marketplace Minute with Bill Radke 3/22

This week: health care, Blockbuster, Phillips-Van Heusen and Izod.

'Match Day' makes med student drama

If you're a graduating medical student, today is a day of destiny for you. On Match Day, med students find out where they will learn how to be doctors. Bill Radke talks to Brian Eule, who wrote a book about the secretive matching process.
Posted In: Books, Health

Marketplace Minute With Bill Radke 3/12

This week: Who is Carlos Slim, the anniversary of stocks hitting rock bottom, Prius mileage, and "The Hurt Locker" wins the Oscar for Best Picture.

VAT? What is that?

Can a value-added tax help us get out of a big budget hole? Bill Radke talks to Marketplace economics correspondent Chris Farrell about how the VAT works and why it's had a rough time finding followers in Congress.
Posted In: Taxes

TARP panel questions GMAC bailout

The congressional panel that oversees the federal bailouts is questioning the decision to rescue consumer lender GMAC. Bill Radke talks to Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren, the panel's chair, about what could have been done differently.
Posted In: Investing

No more rewards for naked shorts

Governments are planning to take hard action against market speculators in the wake of Greece's tumultuous financial problems. Bill Radke talks to Stephen Beard about why "naked" credit-default swaps in particular are being targeted.

Northup, EADS drop out of Air Force bid

Defense contractor Northrop Grumman and its European partner, EADS, have dropped out of a bid for a $40 billion deal to supply the U.S. Air Force with refueling tankers. Bill Radke finds out why from Marketplace's Stephen Beard.
Posted In: Airlines

Short-sale plan will pay you to move

A new mortgage modification plan that takes effect next month will encourage homeowners to accept a short sale. Bill Radke talks to Marketplace's Alisa Roth about the upsides for mortgage-holders who would accept the financial loss.
Posted In: Housing

How does Greece's debt affect the U.S.?

Bill Radke talks to Washington Post staff writer Neil Irwin about why and how Greece's debt troubles affect us in the U.S.


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