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Wouldn't you rather drive a... Geely?

Japanese automakers are still making money in the US market, so now a Chinese carmaker says it's going to cross the Pacific too. Geely Automobile plans to sell low-priced cars in the US by 2008, as Bill Poorman reports from Michigan.

A better world through books?

Any college student will tell you that textbooks are expensive. But one start-up has a novel approach: It donates its profits to charity. From the Marketplace Entrepreneurship Desk, Bill Poorman reports.
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Entrepreneurs fret

The dawn of 2006 brought a fresh round of concerns for the nation's entrepreneurs. Bill Poorman has the details.
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The hybridization of America

If you want a hybrid car, you probably have to be willing to wait a while, and pay more money. But now Honda, and the federal government, want to help you out. Bill Poorman reports.

Rating Retirement Software

There are many retirement calculators out there -- some free, some expensive, some simple, some sophisticated. Which programs will help you retire and what programs should be retired? Bill Poorman reports.
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Soy vey

Kellogg will begin making some products with a new, healthier soybean oil, trying to stay one step ahead of new federal rules for nutrition labels. But they could be inviting problems of a different kind. Bill Poorman reports.

Private space shuttles?

Once the Space Shuttle program is discontinued in 2010, NASA wants the private sector to take over deliveries of materiel and personnel to the International Space Station. Is the private sector ready? Bill Poorman reports.
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Remaking Home Ec

During his second inaugural address, President Bush renewed his call for a so-called ownership society. What does that mean for you? Shouldering more responsibility-in terms of your investments, retirement accounts, and health insurance. Reporter Bill Poorman examines how one class -- home economics -- might help.
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Stuff Movers

How do you find a big car that maximizes your dollar and has room for all the things and people you need to transport? What about minivans or station wagons? Or, how about an SUV? Automakers are now introducing a new type of vehicle: the crossover. Michigan Radio's Bill Poorman compares the total cost of ownership of the various "stuff-movers."
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