Beth Teitell writes for the Boston Globe. Her most recent book is called "Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth."


Features by Beth Teitell

Survey says: Guilty of not filling out your survey

Commentator Beth Teitell says sometimes she feels guilty for not filling them out.
Posted In: surveys, online ads

The 5 steps of snow day acceptance

Commentator Beth Teitell feels for parents stuck at home on snow days
Posted In: snow, parents

Being stalked by consumer products

Commentator Beth Teitell says she feels stalked -- by online ads.
Posted In: ads, online

Why Thanksgivukkah = marketing gold!

The intersection of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah make for huge marketing opportunities.
Posted In: thanksgivukkah, holidays, family, tradition, marketing

Passing notes in the back of Coursera

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, allow anyone to be a student. Retirees, soccer moms or radio commentator Beth Teitell.
Posted In: moocs, online education, EdX, Udacity

Why technology has ruined summer camp

Commentator Beth Teitell says technology is ruining the camp experience because it allows parents to monitor kids 24/7.
Posted In: camp

Yearning for the days when we were all disengaged consumers

The quest for engaged consumers is relentless (and annoying) in the new advertising world.
Posted In: social media, advertising

Boston 'Flab' Party

The year's almost up on the challenge from Boston's mayor for the city to lose one million pounds.
Posted In: weight loss, boston

When cars themselves are backseat drivers

Commentator Beth Teitell on the downsides of increasingly intelligent car technology.
Posted In: Auto, technology, driving, cars


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