Beth Teitell writes for the Boston Globe. Her most recent book is called "Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth."


Features by Beth Teitell

Birchboxes on display this fall at an event in New York.

What's with the addiction to subscription boxes?

Beauty sample site Birchbox is crediting with starting the trend. And now almost any American, and her finicky pet, could survive on these subscription boxes alone.
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Survey says: Guilty of not filling out your survey

Commentator Beth Teitell says sometimes she feels guilty for not filling them out.
Posted In: surveys, online ads

The 5 steps of snow day acceptance

Commentator Beth Teitell feels for parents stuck at home on snow days
Posted In: snow, parents

Being stalked by consumer products

Commentator Beth Teitell says she feels stalked -- by online ads.
Posted In: ads, online

Why Thanksgivukkah = marketing gold!

The intersection of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah make for huge marketing opportunities.
Posted In: thanksgivukkah, holidays, family, tradition, marketing

Passing notes in the back of Coursera

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, allow anyone to be a student. Retirees, soccer moms or radio commentator Beth Teitell.
Posted In: moocs, online education, EdX, Udacity

Why technology has ruined summer camp

Commentator Beth Teitell says technology is ruining the camp experience because it allows parents to monitor kids 24/7.
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Yearning for the days when we were all disengaged consumers

The quest for engaged consumers is relentless (and annoying) in the new advertising world.
Posted In: social media, advertising

Boston 'Flab' Party

The year's almost up on the challenge from Boston's mayor for the city to lose one million pounds.
Posted In: weight loss, boston


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