Ben Johnson started his career in journalism in 2003, working as a features and general assignment reporter for The Day newspaper in New London, Connecticut. While there he won a regional award for feature writing, and was recruited to write a weekly entertainment column for the Tribune Media Service wire service.

In 2006, Ben relocated to New York City to be an entertainment and music reporter at the Staten Island Advance newspaper, where he soon moved into hard news, working the cops beat and as a weekend city desk editor. In 2010, he began to work as a freelance web producer at The Takeaway, a national radio show produced out of New York's WNYC Radio in partnership with WGBH, the New York Times and the BBC.

Ben went on to be a freelance radio producer at WNYC, serving as the digital editor for The Takeaway while also doing live and features reporting for the station on everything from Occupy Wall Street to New York's last functioning ship graveyard. While working at WNYC, Ben started blogging for Slate Magazine's breaking news blog, The Slatest.

In 2012, Ben left WNYC to manage a partnership between Slate and YouTube, producing daily breaking news videos and other content for SlateV, the magazine's video department. He also wrote regularly for Slate's Future Tense blog and drew the extreme ire of his fellow Radiohead fans by asking the band to stop touring

In summer 2012 Ben joined Marketplace to relaunch and produce the Tech Report, now called Marketplace Tech. When David Brancaccio became the host of Marketplace Morning Report in 2013, Ben started hosting Marketplace Tech and was hired officially as host in early 2014.

He doesn't like to brag about it but over the years, Ben has interviewed Jay-Z, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Luciano Pavarotti, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, Josh Homme, Biz Stone, Guy Kawasaki, Col. Chris Hadfield, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Neil Young. Ben enjoys and engages in 80s movie references, pie baking, and high-fives. His Twitter feed has never been polluted by a subtweet. His interest in swimming knows no bounds, especially if there is a high-dive and a high-five involved. 

Features By Ben Johnson



The tech behind tracking marijuana plants in Colorado

The first state to allow marijuana sales to anyone over 21 has to track all that pot somehow.
Posted In: marijuana, colorado

Audi and Google expected to announce Android operating system for cars

There are rumors the two companies will make an announcement at CES next week.
Posted In: audi, Google, android, cars

How retailers will be watching you in 2014

A growing number of organizations are tracking more of your shopping habits.
Posted In: data tracking, Retail, privacy

The tech behind the New Year's Eve ball drop

The big event is more sophisticated than you think.
Posted In: New Years, New York City, LED

2014 is going to be the wearable tech year, we swear

All this week, Marketplace Tech is going to be talking to guests about big tech trends in the coming year. Today, a topic that failed to live up to it's promise in 2013 -- wearable tech.
Posted In: wearable tech

Christmas recap edition: This week's Silicon Tally

60 million coins, 300 hours and $3.58. Know what those numbers mean? Must be another Silicon Tally!
Posted In: silicon tally, Tech, quiz

What will happen in tech in 2014?

Twitter's IPO was one of the biggest tech events of 2013. What's in store for 2014?
Posted In: internet of things, innovation

Verizon and AT&T to issue transparency reports

Big telecom is following in the footsteps of some tech giants.
Posted In: AT&T, Verizon, transparency

Alan Turing gets a long overdue pardon

Alan Turing, the father of computer science, was persecuted for being gay. This week, the British government finally pardoned him.
Posted In: Alan Turing

'Cool Tools,' a 'Whole Earth Catalog' for today

Author Kevin Kelly on his book, "Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities."
Posted In: Books


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