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A different loan for Lebanese couples

Newlywed couples in Lebanon are up against big pressure to start a family. With an 18.7 percent national infertility rate, that can be a problem. But one bank is offering fertility loans as a solution. Ben Gilbert reports.
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Lebanon calling for better cell service

Lebanon's cell-phone industry uses a poor system shared by only three other countries in the world. To improve the quality of its telecommunications, the country is turning to private auctions. Ben Gilbert reports.
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Cap-and-trade could reach households

The House will spend its Earth Day debating a plan to limit greenhouse gases. One proposal is a cap-and trade program that would drive 80 percent emissions reduction over 40 years, with costs passed onto households. Jennifer Collins reports.

TV advertisers target Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast during the day and break their fast after sunset. Then, for many it's sit back and watch TV. Ben Gilbert reports on advertisers going after that audience.
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Not your average home improvements

In dangerous areas like Beirut, residents hope for the best, but transform their homes into fortresses in preparation for the worst. Ben Gilbert reports.

Hip district keeps going as bullets fly

In the 30 years since the Lebanese civil war started, violence has become almost a way of life -- for residents and for businesses. Ben Gilbert reports from West Beirut.

Ghost town, Beirut

Lebanon's tourism industry was booming until last year's month-long war between Hezbollah and Israel. Subsequent economic and political crises have left Beirut's downtown a shell of its former self.
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Keeping Beirut's nights alive

Amid wars and assassination, many in Beirut have turned to the city's nightclubs for escape. Ben Gilbert looks at the difficulties club owners face in keeping the doors open.
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Peace talking hold in Gaza?

In a major policy speech today, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he'll offer a series of humanitarian and economic incentives to the Palestinians for a permanent ceasefire. Ben Gilbert reports.
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Art of war advertising

As Lebanon tries to pick up the pieces of its war-ruined economy, many companies are taking out ads to inspire hope and confidence — and bolster their brands — but not everyone's feeling the love. Ben Gilbert reports.
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