Ben Adair is a senior editor for Marketplace, overseeing the sustainability desk and Economy 4.0. For two years, Adair has been responsible for the overall planning and editorial direction of Marketplace’s sustainability coverage, producing content for all the Marketplace programs as well as for Most recently, Adair worked on the implementation of the popular interactive tool “Future-Jobs-O-Matic,” which helps users determine if their career paths are sustainable based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As sustainability editor, Adair has worked on several Marketplace special reports, including “Next American Dream,” “Climate Race,” coverage of the United Nation’s climate conferences, and “Consumed.” Before joining Marketplace in January 2009, Adair served as managing editor for American Public Media's Weekend America. He has reported for local public radio stations in Los Angeles and New York, and edited and produced APM’s The Savvy Traveler radio show. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has called Adair “one of radio’s top producers.” Adair graduated from Occidental College in 1994 and currently resides in Los Angeles.  

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