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What if Facebook is really just a blog?

The other day we did a program about what happens when you quit Facebook. Or rather what happens when you try. It's not all that hard to deactivate...

Google Autocomplete, You Autocomplete Me.

One of our colleagues told us about how when you search "Elena Kagan" on Google lately, the autocomplete feature helpfully offers up suggestions...

Morning Memo - 5/11

Natal to launch in OctoberMicrosoft has gone on the record as saying their Natal video game system will go on the market in October. It's a much...

How to protect your kids' privacy online

Anna Weggel of our Public Insight team tapped into the Public Insight Network for some stories of how parents  help protect their kids' privacy...
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Net Neutrality in 140 characters or less

We've been looking at the FCC announcement today for a possible episode. I've been following the net neutrality debate for years but I still find...

Teens text. A lot. Who knew?

The Pew Internet and American Life Project has a new report out about teens and texting.  Teens connect with friends more often through texting...
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The secret new iPhone

If you haven't already heard, Gizmodo seems to have stumbled across a prototype of the upcoming new version of the iPhone....
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iPad is beloved by the blind

Interesting thoughts in here about design in general.
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I like it but I'm not a fan

That's not me responding to news, that's just me using the terms in the news. Facebook will soon do away with the option of Becoming A Fan and...
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Cleveland both rocks and investigates

Web site commenter tracked down by newspaper.
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