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A model email

We're looking for the fullest inbox in America

Email is terrible. We send a lot of it.

Why women's pockets are useless: A history

A pocket-sized history of the pocket, in honor of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
Posted In: iPhone, women, clothing, fashion, history

You're invited: Come chat about #studentdata

We’re holding a Twitter chat 9/18 from 5-6 p.m. PST. Join us!
Posted In: student data, quantified student

20 years of online shopping later...

...69 percent of Americans shop online.
Posted In: online shopping, cybersecurity, e-commerce
Kai stumped President Obama. But not you.

Your job in 5 words

Medley: We asked, you answered. (<- 5 words)
Posted In: Jobs

GM recalls 8.4 million more vehicles

And it'll cost the automaker another $1.2 billion.
Posted In: GM, General Motors, car recalls
Demonstrators protest

Clippers sold to former Microsoft CEO for $2 billion

Steve Ballmer has won the bidding war for the Los Angeles Clippers.
Posted In: Clippers, Donald Sterling

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Now buy stuff

Shutterfly's email list reveals the industry of marketing to expectant parents.
Posted In: pregnancy, marketing

In which Dove's 'Real Beauty' campaign faces real backlash

Dove's most recent ad campaign has been called "patronizing" and "hypocritical".
Posted In: Dove, branding

How 'Choose Your Own Adventure' was born

The popular series turns 35 this year, but do you know how it started?
Posted In: mental floss, CYOA


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