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Amazon makes a lot of money. But it still loses more.

Amazon's stock fell 11 percent this morning following another sad earnings report.
Posted In: Amazon, earnings report, stock, shares, S&P 500 index
Facebook mobile

Facebook mobilizes, successfully

Facebook’s strong second-quarter earnings were propelled by mobile-ad revenue.
Posted In: Facebook, Earnings, mobile ads

Target attracts new customers by downsizing

Target opened it's smallest store in Minneapolis. What's a Target if it's not big?
Posted In: Target, big box stores, corporations

Long-term unemployed suffer shaky re-employment

After a long separation from working, it’s difficult to find jobs that last.
Posted In: Unemployment, job search, job seekers

The FCC has been inundated with comments. Now what?

Their proposed net neutrality rules have caused backlash. But what happens next?
Posted In: net neutrality, OK Go, music streaming

The challenge of funding a community college education

No access to federal student loans can imperil community college students.
Posted In: community college, federal student loans, education costs
Eileen Ford

How Eileen Ford made modeling a real profession

Ford, who died at 92, and her husband created the modern modeling industry
Posted In: Modeling, photography, fashion

What you need to know about charter schools

They're public schools, funded by taxpayers, but they don't go by the usual book
Posted In: charter schools, Minnesota

FIFA: Unsanctioned underwear is "incidental exposure"

We look at the serious business of sponsorship and product (mis)placement.
Posted In: FIFA, World Cup, underwear

Specialty drugs could fuel health care inflation

Why health care spending is projected to accelerate in 2015.
Posted In: health care costs, medicine


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