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Lululemon Athletica hosts a 400-person yoga class at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to celebrate opening of its first London store.

Lululemon tries to juice up its product line

Lululemon tries to bounce back by making fancier clothes. Can sequins save its sales?
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93-year-old doc is not afraid of Ebola

Lowell Gess and his wife spent 20 years in Sierra Leone. Now, he's headed back.
Posted In: Ebola, Ebola training

The business of preventing sexual assault on campus

Consultants and app developers are lining up to help schools - and cash in.
Posted In: colleges, sexual assault, apps, News

Apple bets bigger is better with new iPad

Apple may manufacture larger, 12.9 inch screen iPads. But why?
Posted In: apple, iPad, tablets

Affordable Care Act provision targets some exec pay

A look at a provision in the Affordable Care Act targeting executive compensation.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, health insurance, Taxes

Crowdfunding the path to college

More students are banking on the generosity of strangers to foot their bills.
Posted In: crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, higher education, college costs, financial aid, News

If you give a kid an iPad...

The ACLU sues a school district in Massachusetts over its tablet policies.
Posted In: schools, low-income families, iPad

D'oh! FXX will air 552 episodes of The Simpsons

Yes, the FXX will air every episode of the longest running show in TV history.
Posted In: cable TV, The Simpsons, episode

Professors struggle to adapt as students forego books

Expensive text books are being purchased less, to the detriment of learning.
Posted In: News

The cost of travel, according to the federal government

Some hotels set their rates based on the federal standard.
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