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Are school lunches and stadium food worth $1 billion?

Food concession company Aramark prepares for what could be a $1 billion initial public offering.
Posted In: Aramark, IPO

Now small businesses are receiving health insurance cancellation notices

A dental practice in Phoenix learns it's losing its health-insurance policy for the two dentists and 13 employees.
Posted In: ACA, Affordable Care Act, health care, Small Business

Fact check: How big is the U.S. Open, really?

The U.S. Open tennis tournament, which starts Monday, dubs itself as the biggest annual sporting event in the world.
Posted In: tennis, U.S. Open, Wimbledon

UPS health care cuts: What Obamacare will look like?

UPS’s decision to cut health benefits for spouses of some employees is the latest move by employers to reduce health care costs.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, UPS

In Detroit, bankruptcy comes with a cost

As if Detroit doesn’t have enough money problems, now the cash-strapped city faces a huge bill from their bankruptcy lawyers.
Posted In: bankruptcy, Detroit

Why the PC is passé for tech companies like Hewlett-Packard

The legacy Silicon Valley company reports quarterly results as it tries to transform itself to fit the new tech landscape.
Posted In: electronics, Hewlett-Packard

Al Jazeera America: What's the business model?

With lots of cash to throw into the launch, Al Jazeera America doesn’t need the kind of advertising revenue its competitors bring in.
Posted In: media, Al Jazeera, TV news, news, Qatar

Lifeguard: A dangerous job in paradise

For lifeguards on Hawaii's North Shore, the office is beautiful, the work is dangerous, and the pay is surprisingly low.
Posted In: salary, Hawaii, surfer

PAC tries to tap African-American Greek network

A new political action committee is trying to bring alumni of the nine oldest black fraternities and sororities -- known as the Divine Nine -- into the fundraising game.
Posted In: fundraising, African American

Collective home ownership on the rise

Your friends and you have been through a lot together -- but do you think you can buy a house with them?
Posted In: real estate, Housing, collective home ownership, mortgage, friends


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