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Ann Carrns splurges on her own American Girls

The dolls she bought her daughters also fulfilled her own childhood desires.
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For plumbers, it’s all about the sweet smell of money

The hours long and the hazards nasty, but fixing pipes can bring six-figure income
Posted In: plumbers, vocational training

You plan your retirement, then you get the health bill

As the American population ages and insurers try to rein in costs, the share of health and medical costs that retirees can expect to shoulder is becoming more formidable.

Go North, young man!

The promise of steady work is attracting workers of all ages to Williston, N.D., and creating a new boom town on America's energy frontier.
Posted In: North Dakota, Oil, man camp, Williston, employment, debt, energy

Dark side of an oil boom

There's an oil boom going on in western North Dakota. The region is sitting on billions of gallons of oil. The city at the heart of it -- Williston -- is stretched beyond capacity.
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