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Why London wants Chinese and Muslim investment

Can London hang on to its position as the heart of the global economy?

How the world heard the State of the Union address

President Obama focused mostly on domestic issues during his speech last night. How did it go over in Europe?
Posted In: State of the Union, Barack Obama

An economic storm in Argentina

The value of the peso had plummeted before stabilizing this morning.
Posted In: Argentina

The World Bank has a sunny forecast for the year

As rich economies expand, stronger growth globally is expected.
Posted In: World Bank, global economy, tapering

Uncertainty ahead for India's economy

India's Prime Minister announces he'll leave office in May. That could mean big changes for their economy.
Posted In: India

The economics behind the protests in Ukraine

The economic choices underlying those protests in Ukraine that are all over the news today.
Posted In: ukraine, Russia, European Union

Take down the Union Jack? Scotland to vote on independence

Next year, Scottish voters will get to decide if they want to remain a part of the United Kingdom. What economic challenges would an independent Scotland face?
Posted In: Scotland, United Kingdom (U.K.)

Bleak outlook for European growth

New data from the European Commission point to low growth for the near future.
Posted In: Euro zone, Europe debt crisis

Larry Summers withdraws name from Fed chair job, international markets react

Global stocks are near five year highs and bond yields across Europe and Asia have fallen.
Posted In: Larry Summers, Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen

India and Brazil's economic reversal of fortune

Emerging markets that thrived during the recession are seeing the flow of capital dry up.
Posted In: BRICS, brazil, India, emerging markets


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