Andrea Gardner is a journalism professor and writer in Pasadena, Calif.


Features by Andrea Gardner

"Just for women" advertising

There are ads that make you cry, ads that make you laugh... and then there are ads that just make you mad. Andrea Gardner has more.

The diabetes effect

Diabetes not only impacts the health of millions of Americans, it's also taking a toll on the local economies where it's most prevalent. Andrea Gardner explains.
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Delta decision

Today a bankruptcy judge decides whether Delta can void its labor contract with its pilots. Andrea Gardner looks at the precedent for this kind of action, and what factors the judge is likely to consider.

Newspaper readership down

Newspaper circulation figures are expected to be released today, and they're likely to show a decrease. But as Andrea Gardner reports, not all the news is bad.

TV ads: perfect fit?

Advertisers are edging their themes right up to the under-the-feminist-skin line. Or wait, are they crossing it? Andrea Gardner takes a closer look.

Bouncing monkeys and trivia quizzes

Internet advertising revenue was up 26% for the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2004. If the Internet is picking up steam in ad revenue, is any traditional media losing it? Andrea Gardner reports.


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