Andrea Gardner is a journalism professor and writer in Pasadena, Calif.


Features by Andrea Gardner

Rabbit redux

VW's first post-Beetle model makes a comeback. Will it hit the ground running in the affordable car market? Andrea Gardner reports.

Corner office cuts

Looks like all that post-Enron fuss really has made a difference at the top. A new study out today suggests CEO compensation is down. Andrea Gardner reports

More than convenient, it's Famima!!

A Japanese convenience store chain aims to give 7-Eleven a run for its Slurpee. Andrea Gardner reports.

An upscale Wal-Mart effect?

The world's largest retailer looks to lure shoppers away from Target with a new type of store it's opened in Plano, Texas. There's even a sushi bar. Andrea Gardner reports.

Kings of convenience

Andrea Gardner reports on Famima, a Japanese company that's out to give the mini-mart a makeover.

The New Tab

Looking to cash in on the growing market for energy drinks, Coca Cola is relaunching the Tab brand as a liquid power boost for women. Andrea Gardner reports.

New diet drug

A diet drug, now available only by prescription, could soon be on store shelves if it wins approval from FDA, which takes up the issue today. Andrea Gardner has more.
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The Turin Effect

The advertising outlook for 2006 is rosy, thanks largely to the Turin Winter Olympics and the mid-term Congressional elections. Andrea Gardner has more.

Upscale holiday

The super rich are expected to spend more this holiday season than last. Can one household really spend $29,000 on shoes and handbags? Andrea Gardner finds out.

Time to get in shape?

Now that all the turkey's gone, many are hoping to shed the extra pounds it left behind by joining a gym. Andrea Gardner reports.


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