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Macy's banks on the good old days

It's hard to feel bad about shopping when you get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. And that's what Macy's is counting on with ads focusing on 150 years of nostalgia-friendly store heritage. Andrea Gardner reports.
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FDIC chair speaks out against bailout

FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Blair is publicly criticizing the administration's $700 billion bailout package, saying it doesn't do enough to help Americans facing foreclosures. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Ad men don't get what women want

Advertising is a seduction, but commentator and ad-watcher Andrea Gardner says that for all the purchasing power women have, advertisers don't always give a lot of thought to what they want to hear.

Hedge fund tries Africa

A new hedge fund is investing $125 million in Africa and the Middle East, areas where the fund managers say opportunities are huge. Sarah Gardner has more on whether this is a sign that Africa is the "last frontier."
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Those Mac users think they're so cool

A new marketing study has found Mac owners tend to think they're more extraordinary than the average Joe. They're also more likely than PC users to whiten their teeth, drive hybrids, drink Starbucks coffee and eat organic food. Andrea Gardner reports.

Girl Scouts prepare a slimmer cookie

Keeping with the trend of pre-portioned "100-calorie" snack packs, the Girl Scouts have developed a new low-fat cookie called the Cinna-Spin. Andrea Gardner reports the girls should cash in on the trend.
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New L.A. museum exhibits new art deal

Los Angeles' new Broad Contemporary Art Museum, funded by real-estate baron Eli Broad, will house his immense collection. But he's only lending his art. Andrea Gardner reports on how this unusual arrangement might set a trend.
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Jewelry retailers target 'dirty gold'

Just in time for Valentines Day, activists and jewelry retailers are stepping up a campaign to discourage the mining and sale of "dirty gold." Their first target: a proposed gold mine in Alaska. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Super Bowl ads targeting women

Super Bowl advertisers will be targeting the 40-percent female audience this Sunday. Andrea Gardner reports the move comes as the entertainment writers' strike has shut down a lot of female-oriented programming.
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Watch out for those green ones...

The maker of M&Ms wants to release a bag of greens-only candies to cash in on an urban legend about the romantic power of the colored chocolates. Andrea Gardner reports why it could be a risky campaign.
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