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Features by Andrea Gardner

Korean scholars rank as the most valuable

A new study says that academics from South Korea are the most commercially valuable in the world.
Posted In: academics, universities, higher ed

How the sequester will impact schools this year

The sequester will cut K-12 school programs like special education and English-as-a-second-language.
Posted In: schools, back-to-school

What Amanda Bynes' parents want for her

The 27-year-old actress has run through $1 million in recent months while acting increasingly erratically. Her parents are seeking a conservatorship to put them in charge of her finances.
Posted In: Amanda Bynes, conservatorship, legal, mental health

First-time home buyers face difficulties

President Obama will be in Phoenix today, continuing his national tour focusing on the economy. The president is promoting home ownership for the middle class. But there is tension between Obama's message and the reality for many first-time buyers.
Posted In: Housing, first-time home buyer, Phoenix

Federal judge continues ban on horse meat

Domestic horse meat processors had been hoping to reopen two slaughterhouses.
Posted In: horses, slaughterhouses, Food

Underwater no more and wanting to stay put

Not everyone wants to ditch their underwater mortgage once it resurfaces.
Posted In: Housing, underwater mortgage

Restaurant traffic could grow slightly in 2012

The year 2011 was not a good one for the restaurant industry. Experts predict only a slightly better 2012.
Posted In: restaurants

Charitable giving swells in December

December is a big month for charities, and even in tough times, Americans are giving to those in need.
Posted In: Charity, Charitable giving, holiday

TV sales likely to drop this holiday season

Among the most discounted items this holiday season will be television sets, despite new technologies designed to increase demand.
Posted In: holiday shopping, Black Friday, television, retail sales

Apple, Microsoft duke it out over college student computer market

The companies behind the rival computer formats offer give-aways to entice collegiate buyers (and hopefully earn a life-long customer).


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