Features by Andrea Bernstein

Foster families get the Disney treatment

ABC Family launches "The Fosters," a drama about a family with two moms, one biological son, two adopted foster kids, and a newcomer.
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Sandy's water damage was predictable

Experts say damage to New York's subway from rising sea levels should not have come as a surprise and other cities could experience similar devastation from Sandy-like storms and hurricanes.
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Apple's iOS Maps leaves off transit lines

Public transportation advocates are miffed that Apple has left off directions to bus and train stops from its new mapping software.
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'Supercommuters' board airplanes to get to work

Think your commute is long? Turns out a rapidly growing number of commuters are flying to get to work.
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Citibank spins publicity with NYC bikeshare

Citibank is sponsoring New York City's new bike rental program. It's a two-wheeled marketing opportunity.
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Techies on the cutting edge... of bike commuting

Biking to work has become part of the culture for many tech companies.
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Climate change is adding a premium to infrastructure costs

Transit agencies shuffle their budgets to get ready for more extreme weather.
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Bike-share system to roll out on New York City streets

New York joins other big U.S. cities to create short-term bike rentals. But the complicated logistics can make officials' heads spin.
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Houston wants to turn off red light cameras

Frustrated Houston residents want traffic light cameras to disappear. This follows L.A.'s decision last month to switch off its cameras
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Bicycles become trendy marketing tool

As more cities get bike lanes, the culture and cache of bikes grows. Now retailers are jumping on board.


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