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Oil price keeps setting post-recession highs

The cost of oil keeps rising, but it's the gas price at the pump that consumers should be worried about, and might snuff out the economic recovery.
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Obama urged to open U.S. oil reserve

With oil prices at just about $103 a barrel, some members of Congress are asking President Obama to open the nation's strategic oil reserve in an effort to bring down the cost of gasoline.
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Libya sanctions highlight sovereign wealth funds

Among the assets frozen by the U.S. are holdings of Libya's sovereign wealth fund. Such petrodollar funds have gained prominence in recent years.

Middle Eastern brain drain hits home

Skilled professionals from poor Middle Eastern countries find the future is brighter abroad. But this brain drain is hurting poor countries like Jordan.

Oil price increase will be felt quickly

Some countries will feel higher oil prices more than others.
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High food prices cause concern in Middle East

Rising food costs hurt poor and middle class people in the Middle East. Prices have fueled protests everywhere from Jordan to Yemen and Egypt.
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Middle East's unemployed face frustration

A complaint of protesters across the Middle East is widespread unemployment -- even among the young, motivated and well-educated. It's causing tensions from Jordan to Egypt.
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U.S. businesses in the Middle East consider Plan B

Political and economic turmoil in the Middle East is forcing American businesses to make contingency plans in a time of great uncertainty.

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak resigns as president

After an 18-day wave of demonstrations, President Hosni Mubarak hands control of Egypt to the military. Egypt's economy has ground to a halt since the turmoil started over two weeks ago.

Protests continue in Egypt and around the Middle East

The turmoil in Egypt continues to extend beyond the country's own borders. In Jordan, citizens are protesting President Hosni Mubarak's continuation of power. And that has added more uncertainty to business. Alisa Roth reports from Amman, Jordan.


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