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Ford's profit spotlights fuel-saving cars

Ford owes its best first quarter in 13 years to gas-sipping cars. Demand is strong for all hybrids -- especially used models of the Toyota Prius.
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Automakers rethink supply strategy after quake

Toyota says full production won't resume until year's end. VW, Hyundai are spared disruptions but look for new ways to manage supply chain risk.
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With high-profile case, SEC hopes to deter insider trading

The trial of Raj Rajaratnam could discourage future insider trading, but some say the effects would be short-lived.
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Google earnings up 25%

Revenue at Google is up more than 25 percent over last year. But most investors are watching the money going out over the money coming in.
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Levin says Goldman Sachs misled Congress

The Senate panel investigating the cause of the financial crisis has released a report today containing new information on what lead up to the banking collapse. Senator Carl Levin is now calling for an investigation into Goldman Sachs for misleading Congressional investigators.
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Obama to lay out deficit reduction strategy

Later this morning, President Obama will outline his plans for reducing the long-term deficit. The proposal is expected to focus on cuts to entitlement programs and tax increases.

Just what was cut from the 2011 budget?

Details of last week's budget battle are trickling out this morning. The budget agreement, reached on Friday, cut federal spending by $38 billion and avoided a government shutdown.

NYSE says no to NASDAQ buyout

The New York Stock Exchange has rejected a bid from the rival U.S. exchange, NASDAQ, saying it plans to merge with Deutsche Boerse.
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IMF praises Palestinian economic institutions

In a report, the International Monetary Fund says the Palestinian Authority has put into place the economic reforms needed for statehood.

Airfares -- up and up as carriers hang together

Airfares have risen several times in the past year and may well go higher. Can customers do anything about it or do the airlines have the whip hand?
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