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Turkey's diplomatic efforts bring economic boom

Turkey's "zero problem" policy means good relations with all its neighbors. It has reaped economic benefits with this approach.

The economic impact of Syrian refugee camps in Turkey

About 10,000 Syrians have fled to refugee camps in Turkey following a violent government crackdown on dissent. The influx has created some economic activity in Turkey, but many say there could be a bigger impact if refugee assistance programs patronized local businesses.

Syrian refugees a financial strain on Turkish hosts

More than 10,000 Syrians have fled their government's crackdown. But it's an expensive situation for the Turkish government.

Ruling party optimistic in Turkey's election

Voters in Turkey go to the polls on Sunday and the ruling party, the AKP, is in a confident mood because of the strong economy.

The economy is crucial in Turkey's elections

Turkey holds national elections Sunday and the ruling party, the AKP, is hoping its handling of the economy will win it another term.

High diesel costs spur electric trucks

Soaring diesel prices have spurred interest in electric trucks, particularly for companies that have urban delivery routes.

Music sales rise after years in the doldrums

Recent figures show album sales rose for the first time in six years. Part of the reason is the popularity of music from British artist, Adele.
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Emirates growth strains global pilot market

Emirates Airlines is profitable and growing. With $67 billion worth of planes on order, the Dubai carrier is shopping for lots of pilots.
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Signs of U.S. economic weakness mount

A slowdown in the U.S. service sector and less hiring by private companies in April fuel concern that the economic recovery is sputtering.
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U.S. examines aid to Palestinian Authority

The U.S. is looking at its aid to the Palestinian Authority, whose ruling party made peace with Hamas, considered a terrorist organization by the U.S.


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