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The growing influence of low-cost "curbside" bus service

A new study shows that intra-city bus lines like BoltBus and Megabus are stealing passengers from Amtrak and even airlines.
Posted In: Transportation

Millennials need a lesson in good etiquette

Millennials may be able to pick up the latest technology in a snap and make an art of multitasking, but they're often lacking manners.
Posted In: Jobs

Social spending meets market discipline

U.S. federal, state and city governments are moving toward testing a British idea for social programs: pay only if they achieve desired results.

Business travelers use fewer short-hop flights

The number of short-air routes has declined 25 percent in the last five years because of high fuel prices and less business travel.
Posted In: Airlines, Transportation

Dollar store inflation

Today, the government reported that producer prices rose last month, but there are some stores that can't pass cost increases onto consumers — because it's part of their name. Right? Alex Goldmark reports.
Posted In: Economy


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