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Workplace keeping its employees well

Employers may be cutting back on budgets and staff, but what they're keeping they're making sure is in top form. Wellness programs from cholesterol screenings to yoga classes are thriving in the workplace. Alex Cohen reports.
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Some company perks are worth keeping

Employers are increasingly scaling back company perks in order to save on costs. But some experts say this can damage employee loyalty. Alex Cohen reports why it's a smart move to keep some benefits.
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Homebuyers get a better price in spring

Springtime is typically the busiest home buying season. And with banks rolling out programs to make it easier to refinance, there could be signs of life in the housing market. Alex Cohen reports.
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Count on Census Bureau for lots of jobs

In the past, finding people to fill census jobs wasn't easy. But with millions of people out of work, many qualified candidates are heading to the U.S. Census Bureau seeking a job. Alex Cohen reports.
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What's behind the label?

At supermarkets throughout the country, private-label products are giving consumers a cheaper alternative. But are they as good as the name brands? Alex Cohen reports.
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Off-campus real estate still booming

Even as the housing market continues its slide, depleted university budgets and an upward trend in student enrollment have built a profitable little investment pocket in some college towns.
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Schooling teens on the cost of pregnancy

The cost of raising a child in America is about $250,000 these days. One school program in Texas is motivating teenagers not to get pregnant by telling them just how much babies cost. Alex Cohen has the story.

'Tis the season for scams

Whether you're feeling generous or just looking for a last-minute tax write-off this holiday season, keep in mind that there are plenty of fraudsters hoping to cash in on your charity. Alex Cohen reports.
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Sellers, take Santa off the roof

If you're trying to sell your home, experts say its best to leave all those holiday decorations in the attic. Alex Cohen reports.
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Sustainability ball

To help bring environmentally-sensitive items to the mainstream market, one entrepreneur in Austin, Texas recently launched a monthly event called the Sustainable Shopper's Ball. Alex Cohen has the story.
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