Adriene Hill is the senior multimedia reporter for LearningCurve.

Prior to joining Marketplace in 2010, she worked at WBEZ in Chicago, first as an intern, then producer of the local show Eight Forty-Eight, then news desk editor and reporter.

Hill received numerous awards for her contribution to a project she worked on at WBEZ called "Inside & Out." They include: Associated Press Illinois – Best Investigative Series and Best Series/Documentary; Lisagor awards – Online Investigative Reporting and Public Affairs Programming; Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi – Public Service Award; RTDNA Murrow Awards – Best Continuing Coverage; and PRNDI National – Best Multi-Media Presentation, First Place Enterprise/Investigative, First Place Series.

Hill is a graduate of Amherst College where she earned her bachelor's degree in political science and economics. She has a Master's degree in political science from Northwestern University.

A native of Celo, N.C., Hill currently resides in Los Angeles where the weather is really as good as people say it is. 


Features by Adriene Hill

$10.10: Just a nice even number?

Why did President Obama choose $10.10 as the new minimum wage for federal contractors? And, wait, which federal workers are paid minimum wage?
Posted In: minimum wage, federal government, government contractors

Sears, Roebuck: The 19th Century's Amazon

Sears is closing its store in downtown Chicago. We take this occasion to consider what Sears was to consumers in the late 1800s: Amazon.
Posted In: Sears, Amazon

Rising demand for oil: 'Growth is easy when you've been in the pits'

American thirst for oil rises faster than expected, as the nation recovers from recession and chemical makers seize on less expensive domestic supplies.
Posted In: big oil, China

Plastic money: bills that defy crumpling, boiling and counterfeiting

Buy a $5 Canadian bill -- it's polymer base makes it fun to torture and almost impossible to destroy.
Posted In: undefined

Just how seriously should we take the latest bank earnings?

When accounting affects earnings so greatly, what’s the value of these earnings reports?
Posted In: Bank of America, Banks

How American Idol changed television

As American Idol opens its new season, it's easy to forget how influential the show was when it began more than a decade ago.
Posted In: american idol, The Voice

Why does my zipper say YKK?

Next time you zip up, or zip down, check out your zipper. There’s a good chance it’ll say YKK.
Posted In: YKK, zipper

10 amazing zipper facts you didn't know you wanted to know

Important things you need to know about the $8 billion zipper industry.
Posted In: zipper, YKK

California's budget issue: What to do with all this money?

Gov. Jerry Brown wants the state to pay down some of the debts it piled up during the bad years.
Posted In: Sacramento, Jerry Brown, California budget

Will the latest oil-train fire make people rethink anything?

An intense oil-train fire in North Dakota demonstrates the scale of damage possible when oil is moved by rail.
Posted In: North Dakota, natgas, Oil


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