Adriene Hill is a correspondent covering the business of entertainment. 

Prior to joining Marketplace in 2010, she worked at WBEZ in Chicago, first as an intern, then producer of the local show Eight Forty-Eight, then news desk editor and reporter.

Hill received numerous awards for her contribution to a project she worked on at WBEZ called "Inside & Out." They include: Associated Press Illinois – Best Investigative Series and Best Series/Documentary; Lisagor awards – Online Investigative Reporting and Public Affairs Programming; Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi – Public Service Award; RTDNA Murrow Awards – Best Continuing Coverage; and PRNDI National – Best Multi-Media Presentation, First Place Enterprise/Investigative, First Place Series.

Hill is a graduate of Amherst College where she earned her bachelor's degree in political science and economics. She has a Master's degree in political science from Northwestern University.

A native of Celo, N.C., Hill currently resides in Los Angeles where the weather is really as good as people say it is. 


Features by Adriene Hill

Can your school get decent wi-fi speed?

Tech in the classroom is exploding, but it only works if you have the bandwidth
Posted In: onair, LearningCurve On-Air, wifi, schools, education costs, Visualize
Pierre Cardin

What elite universities can learn from high fashion

Harvard Business School launches new online classes, geared to the masses
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Who is signing up for business school MOOCs?

Guess what percentage of students who sign up live outside the U.S.
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Obama, Tumblr, and student debt

President Barack Obama will be talking student debt on Tumblr.
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The student-debt burden: online vs traditional schools

Students who graduate from purely online programs may leave with more debt
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Majoring in computer science with a minor in breezy summer style

College courses ripped from the magazine pages of Wired, Gourmet and others.
Posted In: magazines, Vogue, college, anna wintour, News

Venture capitalists learn to love education

Investors are betting hundreds of millions on the digital revolution in the classroom.
Posted In: onair, venture capital, venture capitalists, education technology, LearningCurve On-Air, edtech

The new note home from teachers

No more digging through backpacks for notes from the teacher.
Posted In: education technology


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