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Features by Adam Allington

G20 summit to begin amid ongoing drama in Europe

With the news of a Greek referendum on austerity cuts, G20 leaders will be taking on the idea of a Greek default and looking into the future of other troubled European countries.

Popular Missouri tax credit faces budget ax

The program pays developers a quarter of the cost to rehab historic buildings. It's been lauded as a jobs creator, but many say the state can no longer afford it.
Posted In: Taxes

Cleaning up your credit score

Credit score got you down? You can boost your score by hiring a credit clean-up service. A couple hundred dollars investment can result in big savings in mortgages and other loans.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Lower gas taxes lure drivers to Missouri

With lower state taxes on gasoline, Missouri is easily undercutting its border mate Illinois when it comes to the price to fill up.
Posted In: Oil

Stimulus help to states comes to a close

Federal efforts to help states shore up their budgets in the tough economy end on June 30, leaving states to close spending gaps on their own. Many programs face deep cuts to accommodate mandatory Medicaid spending.
Posted In: Health

St. Louis football fans concerned over stadium, not lockout

The St. Louis Rams' home stadium -- the Edward Jones Dome -- was ranked the worst stadium in the NFL. Now St. Louis residents are faced with a tough decision: pay for stadium renovations, or lose the beloved team.
Posted In: Sports

Levee breach spares town but douses harvest hopes for many farmers

The Army Corps of Engineers' move to blow up an agricultural levee saves Cairo, Ill., from flooding, but inundates prime growing land in Missouri, costing farmers hundreds of millions in losses.
Posted In: Agriculture

Lower gas taxes lure drivers to Mo.

With lower state taxes on gasoline, among others, Mo. is easily undercutting its border mate, Ill., when it comes to the price to fill up.
Posted In: Oil, Taxes


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