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Graduates of Bowie State University put messages on their mortarboard hats during the school's graduation ceremony.

Average college student debt on the rise

But the people with the really big debt loads are not the ones to worry about.
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Flowers are in bloom as people walk past the U.S. Capitol building.

Even congressmen get hazed

Congress is back in session on Wednesday after the mid-term elections.
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Sunflowers, pocket parks and other ideas aim to beautify vacant lots

The Washington University Sustainable Land Lab Competition's goal? To find something creative to do with all the vacant lots in the country.
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3 April Fools' pranks you shouldn't pull at the office (and 1 you should)

Feel free to pull pranks at work, but don't take them too far.
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Want a U.S. visa? Got a spare $500,000?

The government is doling out a growing number of visas to immigrants who invest half a million dollars in the U.S.
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I think the soup is worth $0.34, so that's what I'll pay

Panera Bread today expands its experiment in “pay what you want” pricing, allowing patrons in St. Louis to name their own price for a bowl of turkey chili.
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Sequester may slow federal court proceedings

The public lawyers who defend the nation's poor in federal court worry sequester cuts could slow the wheels of justice.
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St. Louis: You Know You're Wealthy When...

In this installment of Marketplace's "You Know You're Wealthy When" series, we traveled to Saint Louis to ask residents of the Midwestern city what being wealthy means to them.
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Return of the home ATM?

As the housing recovery boosts equity, will homeowners again use their properties as their own personal cash machines?
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Downside of a housing rebound? The price of plywood on the rise

As the housing market recovers, prices for some construction and building materials reach pre-bust highs
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