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A vintage for Veterans Day

Valor Winery, founded by a group of Iraq War veterans and named after the cherished military virtue, defies the delicate, cultivated image of the wine industry.
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Who shops at RadioShack?

There's a giant name in consumer electronics that's having larger-than-life problems: RadioShack.
Posted In: radioshack, electronics

West Oakland: From Black families to tech geeks

The housing crisis hit many black families in West Oakland. One community activist thinks how the real-estate market is doing now doesn't match the neighborhood.
Posted In: housing prices, Oakland, Bay Area

Hacking and the value of a Zero Day

A Zero Day is the electronic equivalent of the informant who tells the bank robber where to drill a hole in the back of the bank vault.
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1-800-Hack: Why cybercrime is no longer a dark art

The whiz kids who break into computer networks are going corporate.
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Composting in New York: Lessons from the West Coast

Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants New York residents to set aside food scraps in a separate bin. Similar programs are already in place in San Francisco and Seattle.
Posted In: New York City, bloomberg, composting, compost

Doctors seek MBA's to grapple with health care reform

As health care reform starts upending the economics of medicine, the Kelley School -- a top-20 MBA program, based in Indiana -- is looking to cash in by launching an online MBA for just doctors.
Posted In: doctor, health care, Affordable Care Act

The life of an online professor

For the growing number of professors teaching Massive Open Online Courses, it means a lot of work, and sometimes stardom, too.
Posted In: moocs, online education

California bets big on marketing to spread the health care gospel

Millions of Californians will be eligible for healthcare under the new law, and lots of them know nothing about it.
Posted In: health care, health exchange, california

Silicon Valley gets a reality show

Geek chic meets Hollywood in Bravo's new show "Start-Ups."
Posted In: Silicon Valley, reality tv
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